COVID19 & ME πŸ’•

COVID19 & ME πŸ’•

Tayler Conover-BlufordMar 30, '20

Hello Blufash fans,

I want to take a minute to give an update on my life and Blufash with all of the chaos going on in the world right now. As of now, Blufash is still up and running! We are adding new products weekly as promised but you may have noticed that you are currently not able to purchase anything. I have paused any further checkouts due to many delayed shipments, to keep you all satisfied with the best customer service I feel this was the best thing to do until further notice. Don't hesitate to stay updated on the latest styles by checking back weekly to see what we've added. Be the first to know! This was my choice completely because I don't want anyone else to have to wait a long time for their packages. (Any packages that have already shipped out while still arrive, but may be delayed.) We sincerely apologize!

As for me, I'm quarantined! The city of Los Angeles has completely shut down with the exception of hospitals, grocery stores, and a few other essential businesses. Even the parks are taped off with caution tape in my area, along with the beaches and trails! We actually just got an alert to our phones the other day to advise us to stay home and to notify us of the closures. I'm pretty far away from my family, many of you know that my whole family is in the state of Nebraska while I'm out here living in Los Angeles. It's a very lonely time to be stuck in the house by myself, can't even go to my favorite stores or out to eat! However, I really do want all of this to end so I'm following all of the rules set by the Mayor of Los Angeles. I hope all of you are staying safe, washing your hands, not touching your face, and social distancing! Stay home guys, it's the best thing to do in a time like this because you never know who has it or has been around somebody else that may have had COVID19.Β 

Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer on you, and stay safe!Β 

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